xanni15's Avengers vs. Pet Avengers #1 - Avengers vs. The Pet Avengers review

Fun and Enjoyable

This group of misfits is always lighthearted

I know the Pet Avengers are not supposed to be taken seriously, that they are not as physically imposing as their Avenger counterparts, but I just could not help loving the adorable bunch of Pets all the same. They have the best of intentions in helping stop candy store robbers, albeit through unconventional and hilarious means, and they also know how to wind down and relax with some fun at the park. The story and characters are of course childish, but there’s also meaning in both of them, to push on through adversity and to not always judge someone by what you see on the outside, and that courage prevails over strength.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a quick and easy read, with an enjoyable setting and full set of characters, and maybe wanting to get away from the doom and gloom in comics. It's nothing amazing or ground breaking, but well worth the few minutes it'll take.

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