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Basic Truth: It's very hard to protect the earth when you've been turned into a frog. The Pet Avengers Return! Good thing, too, cuz dragons have decided that it's time to take over the world and oppress the silly humans once and for all!!! And since Captain America, Iron Man & Thor are all green and hopping about, here's hoping they can get used to their new flippers in time to fight alongside Earth's Mightiest Pets!

The Pet Avengers stop the robbery of a candy store, have some character moments in the park, then telepathically recognizing the distress of The Avengers, teleport themselves to Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man only to find they have been turned to frogs. The villain is none other than Fin Fang Foom in his giant purple pants from Nextwave followed by a legion of dragons who then proceed to swallow whole everyone but Lockheed.

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This group of misfits is always lightheartedI know the Pet Avengers are not supposed to be taken seriously, that they are not as physically imposing as their Avenger counterparts, but I just could not help loving the adorable bunch of Pets all the same. They have the best of intentions in helping stop candy store robbers, albeit through unconventional and hilarious means, and they also know how to wind down and relax with some fun at the park. The story and characters are of course childish, but...

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Assemble of the Dragons 0

The Pet Avengers are adorable and Chris Eliopoulos has created such an emblematic team, with so many different characteristcs, going to the grit and brave Throg to the kind and naive Ms. Lion. I don´t think it´s a hard job writing about these fantastic pet avenvers, but Eliopoulos really did a good job in his previous books and now he has done it again: by putting the Dragons as antagonists of this arc story, he opened a window to explore more things about Lockheed and brought back a difficult c...

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