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Which characters would u like to see on this mixed team of both the Avengers and the X-Men:

The promo image shows: Captain America, Wolverine, Scarlet Witch, Rogue, Thor, and Havok...

Who else would fit this team well!?

Assuming Polaris will follow Havok, I bet she'll also be on this team as well. Could be cool!

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Black Panther


Ice Man


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Aww man I wanted storm, well there's already a weather summoner what the heck i'll just throw her name in anyway. Oh great stupid wolverine is in it(I don't get it he is always around Cap and on a team with Cap at least spider-mans not in it). Hmmm I want to see for X-man: Iceman,Storm,X-23,Armor, Poloris. For Avenger:Iron Fist,Red Hulk, Vision, that's it for me. I just want to see at least 1 or 2 of the characters I picked I would be happy :-)

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I get the feeling its a bit about diversity (or at least, thats what I'm hoping) and also, there will be added characters that would create drama.

X-Men - Cecilia Reyes, Northstar, Surge or Dust

Avengers - Firestar would be my main one. Carol Danvers would help to cause lots of dramas. Moondragon maybe?

I think I read somewhere something about a future member not even being human? Moondragon maybe? Silver Surfer? Firelord?

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id like to see firestar join. justice would even be a nice addition. lets just get wolverine outta there

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Iceman really should be an Avenger. His powerset puts him on Thor levels.

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Maybe this could be the title where Songbird finally becomes an Avenger???

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Rogue (Leader)


Iron Man

Emma Frost


Black Widow

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@papad1992: i dont think havok whould lead, i thiunk captain america would

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Havok (leader)

Iron Man



Iron Fist


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I think that eventually Hawkeye or Tony will come and some more mutants.Like Quicksilver or Kitty.

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