kfhrfdu_89_76k's Avengers: Under Siege #1 - Avengers: Under Siege review

THE greatest Avengers-story ever. I`ve heard.

Well, actually, I haven`t heard it. I`ve read it from a few places in the internet. Oh by the way, this is my 39. CV-review. I never thought that I would write so many in so little time.

What I like.

Okay, the artwork is by John Buscema. I haven`t read alot of stories that contains his art, but I do know it`s great. This story arc proves it again. Big John was an old school artist, since he drew comics in the fifties already. He was (and is, in some respects) one of those who stand on the same level of artistry as Jack Kirby, Neal Adams and others. And well, it shows. I don`t know if I should describe it all that much. Check out the gallery on his page, search pics from the whole internet or look at a comic drawn by him. Do that, and don`t expect me to describe what his art is like, to you.

Roger Sterns writing is also as professional. He writes stories like a pro who he is, and there are alot of moments when it`s very cool, and what appeal to me (especially by the end of the book). Why no higher praise? I`ll explain later.

The story is full of obscure characters like Screaming Mimi, Yellowjacket (the villain), Dr. Druid etc. That`s cool. Really friggin cool. I guess that`s another good thing about Sterns writing. He`s always playing with the obscure characters...

The color restoration stays original to the original colors.

Mr. Hyde totally gets cap crying! Poor Cap...I`d be really sad too...

There`s alot humor and things never get too grim.

What I don`t like.

I wish that any superfans in the audience wont send me rude comments, because it will eventually bite YOU to the rear.

The three opening chapters aren`t as good as rest of the story. I can understand that, because they set the ground to the whole story, and that`s not always easy. That`s the case with alot of these kind of grand stories. But, that`s not the problem here, actually. The first one focuses more on Namor, than it does the whole main-story (though there is a fight between the members of each of the teams). The second one focuses on the main-story, but for some reason I don`t like it that much. The third one, on the other hand, is a whole issue of Avengers vs. Attuma and his hordes, which is the dullest one of the chapters (I`m glad that it`s included it here, though). So, there`s not enough focus on being under Siege, on those three chapters. None, actually, because the Avengers are not under siege yet.

The story hasn`t aged (not the fault of the creative team or the story, which is why I wouldn`t want to note it) completely well. There`s so many twists in the story, that aren`t so twisty by todays standards, that it makes the story less enjoyable.

I once read a review of this book at In it, the writer wrote that this isn`t as grand as it could be. I agree. I noted in the title, that this is supposed to be the best Avengers-story ever. Exaggeration. If it would be, it wouldn`t feel as much like an arc in the Avengers-series as it does. Of course, there`s more effort put to it than usual, but it really doesn`t make this the best story. I know what a best story feels like, what it makes you think. It makes you think: "This is awesome. This has never been done before, in any piece of popular culture, and I simply can`t stop reading this, and I don`t want to." This doesn`t feel like that. Maybe I`m wrong though. But, that`s not what I think. I think that this simply isn`t AWESOME enough to be the best Avengers-story. Period. And I know it, even if I haven`t read many Avengers-stories. Heck, I`m not a big Avengers-fan either. So, maybe that`s the problem here.

So, to conclude.

Read it, if you want to. Buy it if you want to. Or call it the best Avengers-story ever, if you wanna.

Posted by thanosrules

I may have to check this out and see for myself! :D

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k


Quite possibly, if you want to.

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