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In the aftermath of the superhero civil war, the Avengers divide into two opposing factions: the "Secret Avengers" becomes fugitives from the law while the "Mighty Avengers" are led by Iron Man.  

The Secret Avengers free Echo from the clutches of the ninja clan The Hand. The Hand's leader, Elektra, is killed in battle by Echo-but she is then revealed to be the skrull; a shape-changing alien. The Secret Avengers realise that if the Skrulls are infiltrating powerful groups on Earth, then Skrull imposters could by hiding among them.  

Spider-Woman defies her teammates and takes the Skrull corpse to Tony Stark. Unsure how to proceed, Stark asks Spider-Woman to join his team, hoping that it will throw the Skrulls off-guard. She agrees.  

Wolverine clashes with a new enemy: the Hood. He is organising a collective of supervillians. The Secret Avengers track the Hood to his lair and attack...  

A device hidden on an unmarked satellite falls to New York. Civilians suddenly begin to transform into alien symbiotes. The Avengers manage to cure them, and later discover was created by Doctor Doom.  

The Mighty Avengers launch assault on Doom's kingdom, Latveria....    







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