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The superhero civil war is over.

The Superhuman Registration Act, which forces all superheroes to reveal their identities to the goverment, remains the law. Iron Man becomes the new director of SHIELD .

Captain America chooses to surrender when he realises the civilians have lost faith in their heroes. A few days later, while being transported to court, Cap is assassinated. The group of Avengers that followed Cap refuse to surrender and go underground. They are being hunted by the authorities.

Iron Man and Ms. Marvel set out to create the greatest team in the history of the Avengers . They recruit Wonder Man , the Wasp , the Sentry and the Black Widow . They also approach Ares , the volatile Greek god of war.

Weather patterns go wild; hurricanes, avalanches and freak storms spread across the planet. The new team launch into action when an army of giant monsters attack New York. They are being controlled by the Mole Man, who accuses the Avengers of attacking his underground kingdom.

Iron Man is suddenly assaulted by an unknown force. His body begins to twist and warp. He explodes in a flash of light and is replaced by a young woman...

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