Sentry's Watchtower?

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So I was just thinking about it and where did that thing come from? After Emma messed with Sentry's mind and everybody started remembering who he was, the Watchtower just appeared on top of Stark Tower(Avengers Tower).

Was this a part of his powers? Did he create the tower out of nothing when he regained his powers?

Was the Watchtower always there and just blocked mentally from people like the memory of Sentry was? If so why hasn't anybody ran into it while it was sitting on top of Stark Towers?

#2 Posted by Alpha (7331 posts) - - Show Bio

I think I remember Stark saying that he built the tower where the Wacthtower once was. It seemed to me that when Sentry got his power back that symbol appeared above the Stark tower. I would think it was created by Sentry's power.

But like with everything with this character, who knows.

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