cafeterialoca's Avengers: The Initiative #35 - The Hammer Falls, Conclusion review

Last Issue

I think the last issue handle what was on its plate very well, even if it wasn't exactly a bang.
It was nice to see everything just start to wind down and the wrap up of the leftover matter.  It was nice to see the rookie recruits again and Taskmaster dissing Osborn on his way out.
Overall, solid way to end the series, though the art felt a little odd here and there.


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    Avengers Initiative #35 I will be the first to admit, I didn’t care about this title at all until Taskmaster was part of the book.   If you read the book it is easy to tell why.   The parts of the book that include the previous staff are….well just boring.   I don’t see the new title lasting very long, the characters involved are cliché’s that I could observe on any Nickelodean or Disney series.   They just seem hollow.   This could be the book that fixes that, I just don’t see enough interes...

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    I'll miss Avengers: Initiative.  Not for  the actual Avengers but for Taskmaster.  Prior to him becoming the instructor for Osborn's twisted version of the 50 State Initiative I was already a huge fan of Taskmaster, but cared very little about Initiative.  Once he became one of the primary characters in the book though I became an instant fan as he stole the show each and every issue.  In the finale of the book he does so again.  The panel with Taskmaster taunting the captive Osborn as him and C...

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