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Avengers Initiative #35

I will be the first to admit, I didn’t care about this title at all until Taskmaster was part of the book.   If you read the book it is easy to tell why.   The parts of the book that include the previous staff are….well just boring.   I don’t see the new title lasting very long, the characters involved are cliché’s that I could observe on any Nickelodean or Disney series.   They just seem hollow.   This could be the book that fixes that, I just don’t see enough interest. 
The Constrictor/Diamondback love story was okay.  I still don't think it had enough time to pan out durring this series.  Again go watch Hannah Montana if you want to see an week underdeveloped relationship that nobody is going to care about by the next instalment.

Task Master was definitely the star of this series, especially his involvement with the Cabal and his choices in Siege itself.   While he and Constrictor did flee to fight another day, it isn’t what I thought was gong to happen.   I knew that skull-face wasn’t going to stay with through the whole battle, everybody knew.   I just thought it was going to end a certain way.

With all the self talk and charisma that Tasky was starting to exude, I was expecting him to still have a strong desire to become something bigger than a mercenary training pay-roll flunky.   With all of his character development during Osborn’s Dark Reign, I was really expecting him to turn on and play for the winning team.   I was thinking this whole time that he would continue to oversee training at because he is the best in the business and put one on the board for the good guys.   Instead we got the step backwards and watched him run with his tale between his legs.

Tigra’s baby is cute and furry.   Almost enough to make me buy another cat, but for the most part I just don’t care about any of the Initiative staff.   There was a revision in the status quo, heroes have a choice again, but Taskmaster is gone and so am I.

3 out 5 Initiative Lame Initiative Members    

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