guido5595's Avengers: The Initiative #20 - Acceptable Losses review

Another Requiem

To be honest, this dark reign thing has now become kind of boring. Its not what it was when the SI Dark Reign special came out. However unlike Mighty Avengers 20, this does not hinder Avengers: the initiative at all. This is the last issue with Slott before Gage is by himself. This shows you in a better way than Mighty Avengers 20 did about how Hank deals with Janet's death. I love the creepy relationship between Hank and Jocasta. Gauntlet is now head of the initiative and that is the position he should be in. The tigra plotline is very interesting. It will be very cool if the baby ends up being the real Hanks and if she births a litter of babys. I hate that Ant-Man is out of this book but exstatic that hes in Thunderbolts. I love that the Hardball plot from the special is being used again. 3D-Man goes off with the Kill Krew and I think Riot dies. Mutant Zero's identy is revealed. Did Typhoid Mary ever have powers. I love the pact that Taskmaster is the one who deduces it. The only fault of this issue is the art. I just loved Caseli's art and this is okay but not great.

Posted by Hatutzeraze

Yes, Typhoid Mary has had powers before this.  She has had them since she first appeared.  She's always had powers. 

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