cherry_bomb's Avengers: The Children's Crusade #1 review

Great Read

This was a good comic, I loved the whole concept of the series and the fact they are exploring the 'Scarlet Witch' storyline after all this time, it's something I've been dying to see for a long, long while. The character development of Wiccan is a good story too, exploring his powers more while adding an aura of mystery throughout. It also raises more questions on Scarlet Witch and the depowerisation of mutants, was it really all her doing? or was somebody else involved? - hopefully the climax of the series won't disappoint. The art is nice and consistant, not the best interior art I've seen, but all the characters are drawn very well. I love the cover and the ensemble cast included on the front, aswell as Scarlet Witch who makes a cameo.  The surprise guest at the end of the comic will also make me definately pick up the next issue!  BUY THIS ISSUE!  4.5/5

Posted by Gylan Thomas

I was thinkin' a bout it.
I'm still mad at Hienberg for his Wonder Woman though.

Posted by Cherry Bomb
@Gylan Thomas:
thanks for the recommendation, [: I would've wrote more and detailed review, but stupid Comicvine doesn't extend the text box when I write, so I couldn't write too much.
and this is a good issue, if your a fan of Wiccan then it's a must have, But it's a good starter for the series.
Posted by lostlantern13

I have had the text box issue pop up from time to time. Normally, I'll write in MS Word and then copy/paste it to here. Typically works if you'd like to say more.

Posted by Cherry Bomb
@lostlantern13:  I've sorted it now, but thanks [: in the corner of the text box there is a shaded triangle, if you click that and pull it down, then the box extends.
Posted by Vance Astro

Nice.Review Cherry Bomb.This is long overdue but I understand why the waited so long to address the Scarlet Witch situation.

Posted by Cherry Bomb
@Vance Astro:  Yeah, leaving a big event like that hidden for a while does help with the whole suspense and 'What If'  of it all. 
I'm glad that they haven't rushed into Scarlet Witch's disappearance, but I was missing her so much!
Posted by Lyann

I just can't wait to see Wanda's return

Posted by Cherry Bomb
@Lyann:  me too ^_^

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