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Parent's Sacrifice

IT’S BACK, IT’S BACK, IT’S BACK! I just can’t say it enough because I love this series so much and it pains me that, after waiting for these issues to come out for so long, it’s almost over. Where to even much happens in this storyline that each and every issue is PACKED with incredible-ness! I’ve read some online boards where people say this book is too drawn out and too much going on at once. Well to those people I say HA! What are you talking about? If it had 4 issues and came out every month with only big developments happening in only the last issue or two then, I tell you, these same people would STILL complain! Well before I drone on too long about these silly people let’s get in there…

Doom gained omnipotence...again! Anyone who has been reading for a few decades (or is really dedicated to back issue collection) should have recognized the similarities of this set up to that of the Secret Wars from the 80’s...and if you didn’t then don’t worry because they blatantly told us about it TWICE right in the issue! I loved it! Comics now don’t really make too many references to things that happened before the middle of the 90’s anymore (unless it’s something huge like the Kree/Skrull War) so for them to just flat out talk about parallels right in the story was possibly my favorite part of the issue. Now moving on…will Doom ever learn? Back when he stole the Beyonder’s power, he used the same line: “I will fix everything and rule you benevolently….just do WHATEVER I say at all times”. It didn’t work then and I don’t know why he thought it would work now. And there’s even a chance that he thinks he means it but let’s not forget that once again, the very first thing he did was fix his own damaged face. In the end, despite his vaunted intellect and strong will power, he seems no more able to handle the Life Force power then Wanda could.

Moving on to the Maximoff family. I love seeing all this gushy lovey dovey garbage between Scarlet Witch and Wiccan….mother and son witches reunited…but what about Speed?? You know, that other kid that she went crazy over? He’s there right in the thick of the whole situation but has not gotten any face time to show his reaction over discovering his true mother. It would be nice for the writer’s to give him a little character development in this respect… I will say this regarding Wanda. If they just kill her right back off or have her disappear or some crap after this is all over I am going to be FURIOUS. They really put us through a ringer with this series and for her to just bounce right afterwards would be terrible.

Lastly, who can forget the Langs. It’s great that Scott Lang is back, he was always a great character, but for it to come at the expense of his daughter, who is probably my favorite Young Avengers after Wiccan, is just unacceptable. It just really seems like they are ruining and/or dismantling this amazing team now. I’ve loved the Young Avengers for a few years now but I only recently got to pick up their first appearance series…NOW I’M HOOKED. Please don’t let them kill Cassie, totally not the way to go here. She and Scott deserve some time to catch up so he can hear all about what an amazing hero she has become…not to mention what he thinks of her dating Kid Kang and Kid Vision…

When Wanda came back in like the 3 issue of this series, people were complaining that they were moving too fast and that the last few issues would be pointless…FALSE! I am glad they gave Wanda her powers and memory back so quickly so we were able to get into the entire battle with Doom. If they had waited longer to bring her back in the series then we might not have had time to really get into the Lifeforce, Rictor, the twin's history, or anything else that we covered so far. This series has been a long and arduous tale to say the least but, despite what some nay-sayers thinks, it has been more than worth it. We learned a lot of secrets and discovered a lot of history in this series, not to mention that I suspect the last issue is going to have some inklings of the upcoming Phoenix storyline that’s beginning to pop up all over the place. I mean really...what other GOODNESS can you possibly put into one book! I can’t wait for next issue…and since this one was a bit late, I don’t think we’re going to have to wait 2 more months for the next book. BONUS!

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