haydenclaireheroes's Avengers: The Children's Crusade #8 review

Someone will die from the war between Dr. Doom

This is a video review for Avengers Children's Crusade issue 8. This is about Dr. Doom getting Scarlet Witch's powers and wanting to heal the world but if the world does not listen he will inflict DOOM.

Posted by Cafeterialoca

Still HATE the death!

I don't care what people say, I really didn't think she should have died. >:(

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    Just recently this series has been updated instead happening after "Siege" story arc this story takes place after "Fear Itself" storyline. However it still works for me. So we have Doctor Doom with the altering reality powers that Scarlet Witch once had. This story plays out the way it should, very nice. The art work is great, the story flows we ease and great emotion spoken out the characters with great art and writing. This series has been classic so far. When this series comes out on trade I ...

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    IT’S BACK, IT’S BACK, IT’S BACK! I just can’t say it enough because I love this series so much and it pains me that, after waiting for these issues to come out for so long, it’s almost over. Where to even start...so much happens in this storyline that each and every issue is PACKED with incredible-ness! I’ve read some online boards where people say this book is too drawn out and too much going on at once. Well to those people I say HA! What are you talking about? If it had 4 issues and came out ...

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