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Last issue Doom ended up with Scarlett Witch's reality altering powers. In this issue he uses it to turn himself into a Shojo character. Seriously, all I could think about for the first few pages with his shiny face were those girly-looking guys in anime/manga who are all sparkly. It was a bit distracting.

Anyway, this issue is half - "is wanda really that bad? Hasn't every super hero had a bad day where they killed someone?" and half awesome Doom-fight.

In this issue Doom claims to be the real person behind M-Day. Is he bluffing to mess with Wanda's mind or is Marvel about to do one helluva retcon? I just read M-Day stuff this year as I caught up to what's been happening to the X-Men since I last read in the mid-90s. I don't recall seeing any hints that Doom was involved. Also, he's not a mutant, so why would he have created a world where mutants were on top?

Anyway, it's an interesting mini-series and I think next issue is supposed to tie into Hope's origins or something. So check that out in Feb.

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