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Avengers vs. X-Men!!!

The Story 
Everyone is patting Wanda on the back for restoring Rictor's powers, but Strong Guy alerts the group to the Avengers arriving. The X-Men and the Avengers can't decide over who has custody of the Scarlet Witch, and an argument breaks out. Magneto wants to resolve this peacefully, but both groups overrule him. Rictor ends the argument with a demonstration of his powers, and tells the assembled teams of Wanda's plan. The Maximoff family is reunited, and the Avengers are willing to give Wanda a shot, but Cyclops doesn't want to take that chance. Cyclops attacks Magneto, wanting to take him out first, and the Avengers and the X-Men duke it out. Meanwhile, the Young Avengers, X-Factor, the Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, Jessica Jones, Hawkeye and Beast watch on helplessly. Emma Frost attempts to persuade Tommy and Billy into joining them, but Wanda gets annoyed and casts a spell to make all the adults, non-combatants included, fall asleep. She then teleports the Young Avengers to Castle Doom, much to their surprise. It's revealed that even with her memories back, she still loves Victor. The Scarlet Witch explains that she trusts Doom, and tells her story of why she caused "Avengers Dissassembled" and "Decimation." Apparently, when Mephisto reclaimed her sons, she went to Doom for help in bringing them back. They decided to try an experiment in harnessing the Lifeforce. Unfortunately, it didn't work and the Scarlet Witch went crazy, killing Avengers and mutants. Wanda wants to try again, with Wiccan's help, this time, to restore the mutants. Doom reverses his spell on Wiccan so he can help them. He agrees. Patriot is scceptical and tries to put a stop to it with one of Hawkeye's incediary arrows. However, this proves to be a bad mistake and the spell goes wrong. Wiccan heals the Scarlet Witch but Doom is nowhere to be seen. She says that the Lifeforce has vanished. Doom's mask falls from the sky to reveal VICTOR, who now weilds the Lifeforce. Everything will be alright... 
The Good 
Jim Cheung's art is fantastic and Allan Heinburg's writing is phenomenal. Given that these two created the Young Avengers, I never want to see them leave the project. They do absolutely phenomenal work together. Heroes fighting heroes is always worth it, and the Scarlet Witch seems hard to describe. It's like she's a good guy, but the shadowing gives something inherently sinister to her appearence. I can't wait for the next issue!! 
The Bad 
I thought that the end was a bit strange, and not as epic as I hoped. The schedule is always a downer, but what can you do. I also hoped that Ant-Man would have a bigger role but he seems to have faded a bit. 
The Verdict 
Awesome. As per usual. I have been consistently amazed with this series and I want to see more. A definite must-read, if it isn't sold out  already.
Posted by Daycrawler

I dunno, I'm enjoying this but not as much as everyone else it would seem.

One of main problems with it is that there seems to be too much going on. I could've done without the whole Iron Lad 'whoops were back to avengers dissassembled in the timestream' stuff. Sure, a lot would be happening with everyone being interested in Wanda's return, but it just seems to be lurching all over the place a bit too much for me. To me, it should be full of emotional impact and solid character moments, but the relentless action isn't allowing for this and when it does happen it feels awkward and out of place. The pacing is just at one setting - full on and frantic, and I'm finding that difficult to take for 9 issues! Be interesting to see how it reads in one sitting.

Plus, every now and then when characters are talking it sounds like totally out of place exposition for the sake of the reader rather than what the character would really say in the given situation. Also, the whole Doom/life force angle seems a bit too neat and contrived to explain how Wanda's power set is scaled back and she can't reverse M-Day ( AND, presumably she's no longer a threat and doesn't need to be killed).

Love Cheungs artwork, but he does have a tendancy to make everyone look about 20yrs old, even Cap!

Sounds like I really hate this, but I don't - honest! Just not as blown away as everyone else.

Posted by DEGRAAF

I have loved this series. My only problem with it is schedule. I cant stand waiting 2 months for the next issue.

Great explanation of the story

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