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Avengers vs. X-Men!!! 0

The Story Everyone is patting Wanda on the back for restoring Rictor's powers, but Strong Guy alerts the group to the Avengers arriving. The X-Men and the Avengers can't decide over who has custody of the Scarlet Witch, and an argument breaks out. Magneto wants to resolve this peacefully, but both groups overrule him. Rictor ends the argument with a demonstration of his powers, and tells the assembled teams of Wanda's plan. The Maximoff family is reunited, and the Avengers are willing to give Wa...

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This issue just affirms my love for Dr Doom 0

So last issue Wanda Maximoff decided she was going to give the mutants back their powers one at a time. Then the Avengers and X-Men go for all-out war and Quicksilver tells Wanda they're going to kill her. Sounds just like the lead-up to House of M. So she goes back to Dr Doom and he's alll Dr. Doom and awesome and stuff. And I think this may end up leading to that Dr Doom mini-series that Marvel was teasing a while back. It's a great issue even if you haven't read the previous six it should be ...

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