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I don't know if anyone out there is a movie fan, but recently the movie The Last Exorcism has been making big splashes across the net because everyone has been saying the same thing, "It's got a great buildup, but the ending comes out of nowhere and makes no sense." I bring this up because this could just as easily be the words used to describe this issue of Avengers: The Children's Crusade.
Now the first issue of this was a fantastic return for the Young Avengers and looked like it would finally be dealing with many long standing questions in the Marvel U. This issue begins by continuing where the last one left off with a great clash of minds and fist between the Avengers, Magneto, and the Young Avengers. The dialogue is just as good as it was in the last one, the art is still perfect for this series, and it doesn't linger on this fight for too long, they stay on it just the right amount, then move on with the story. 
From here the Young Avengers and Magneto return to the land that the Scarlet Witch was born to search for clues. This provides some great opportunities to see some interaction between the Young Avengers, a group of plucky young do gooders, and Magneto, a cynical aging terrorist trying to now do right. And from here we run into a surprise guest, and I won't say who it is but you do get the feeling after he shows up that this really will be a look at the world around Wanda and Wiccan, and that's not a bad thing, in fact its actually great. I was looking forward to where it went after this.
However... that's where the problem came in. This issue ended with a cliffhanger, that came out of nowhere, brought on by character actions that seemed ridiculous, and the characters realized what was happening so quickly it was almost like they had read the script themselves. I can't tell you what happens, which is a shame because I could diagnose this cliffhanger and go into further details about how it is just a shockingly disappointing shift in the writing, but not at the risk of revealing the secret, because in all honesty my problem is not with the twist itself, the twist actually points the story in a believable direction and makes me excited about what will come next. It's just that the way it was presented almost looked like a far less talented writer just shoved Alan Heinberg out of the way and said "Here you're not getting to the chase fast enough, let me do it."  So I am very excited for what will come next in this story, I just hope we don't see anymore moments of writing like this.


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