dark_noldor's Avengers / Squadron Supreme '98 #1 - To Challenge A Champion! review

Let the games begin

W - Kurt Busiek; P - Carlos Pacheco; I - Batt
The story - After a session of training in the Mansion, Moonglow shows up asking for help and The Avengers immediatly goes for aid just to find out that Imus Champion was playing the Squadron´s strings, just to face both teams in a challenge battle, with the fate of multiple american cities at stake.
The Good - I´m a very big fan of Busiek´s writting, how he creates the background of the characters, how he establishes things in common (like teaming up different groups formed by Avengers members and Squadron members and creates nice dialogues), how he made Imus Champion to think of every single detail to overcome his adversaires, as well how the plot evolves. Also Carlos Pacheco does a solid good book, with simple but efficient battle scences, as Imus Champions defeats every single oponent (the best fights for me was against Iron Man and Thor).
The Bad - The scenarios aren´t Carlos Pacheco strongest quality, so the story being developed mostly in a forest environment just pinpointed this weakness in his art, and also the abusive use of yellow, blue and white backgrounds. I didn´t like it how easy the Avengers and the Squadron Supreme were defeated, so I guess it was a tough material to put in a single issue, perhaps if they´d made it as a 3 issue series, to develop a little more the fights.
3.5 out 5 Crazy  Wealthy men


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