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The forming members were:

Pretty soon the team started to change; Debrii left the country under false name and depowered Komodo decided to join them. Night Thrasher was captured after being shot by Taskmaster. While his teammates planned to rescue him, Taskmaster, Norman Osborn, and Hood offered to bring his brother back--with (as of yet unspecified) conditions. Night Thrasher was rescued fairly fast. It was also revealed that Diamondback is a spy for Avengers Resistance. When Osborn attacked Asgard, Avengers Resistance decided to attack Camp Hammer, while the forces are away. At first the fight didn't go well, as the Hood had empowered his team with magic. During the fight, Hood left with most of his gang, and then suddenly, however the magic shifted sides and Avengers were more powerful than ever, they quickly stopped the fight. After the arrest of Norman Osborn, the avengers Resistance was disbanded.

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