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A chosen son seemingly determined to simultaneously live up to and defeat his father's expectations. A brother who's influence he cannot abide but will never escape. Join Thor in Asgard for a timeless archetypal family drama played out against a cosmic backdrop where the human journey toward humility and compassion is also Thor's journey toward godhood and worthiness.


Thor must exceed the All-Father's expectations as he grows from a child to a responsible grown man. He will not only earn his father's respect, but the ability to wield Mjolnir as a protector of the Nine Realms.

The story opens with teen Sif, Loki and Thor roughhousing through Asgard, racing on the Bifröst, and napping in the Odin's Great Hall. It all turns less playful as Loki attempts to gather something from Sif for a spell, Thor catches and confronts him. Before the fight gets too out of hand, Odin steps in, reprimands the boys, and then sends Thor on a mission. Thor is to travel to Hela's Realm and commission the blacksmiths to "Fashion three treasures that will surpass even the Heaven-Spear Gungnir."

Thor arrives to the blacksmiths, Brokk and Eitri as fast as he could and tells of Odin's command. All the while, Loki is quite literally a fly on the wall. A pesky fly, one that would impact the size and shape of one of the treasures forever. And so it was, three treasures were created and presented to Odin: Mjolnir (an enchanted hammer made of Uru), Draupnir (an magical Golden Armband), and Gullinburst (a Living Golden Boar with unmatched speed).

Most impressed with Mjolnir, Odin decides to add his own enchantment, "From this day forth, only he that reveals himself to be worthy shall have the might of MJOLNIR! With it he shall command the forces of Thunder and of Lightning! It is decreed and shall be!!"

And so it sat.

Thor spent most of his time with it, just knowing it was him it should belong.

Weeks Pass.

Months Pass.

Years Pass.

Thor confronts Odin about Mjolnir. He just doesn't understand why he has yet to claim it as his own. Odin wisely instructs Thor to be patient.

Patience and patients - Thor has no memory of his Asgard past and lives as Dr. Donald Blake, healing people not harming people. This is until the day he had an urge to go on a holiday -- to Norway -- where unbeknownst to him, his destiny would be revealed.

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