that60sguy's Avengers Assemble #11 - Faith in Monsters review

Do you like fun comics?

Well do you? Then you'll like this comic. The lighthearted tone in this series is a breath of fresh air compared to ALL of the Avengers titles out there. The interaction between the Avengers is what you should really buy this for as it really feels like they're a team that has been together for a while. Their conversations are personal and humorous with each character playing off the others really well.

The art by Stefano Caselli is of the highest calibre. Everyone looks like they should with no ridiculous or out of proportion body parts. The faces of the characters without masks are instantly recognisable. Add to that Rain Beredo's colouring and you have a visual treat that you'll want to flick through a few times over.

The final showdown between The Hulk and the main villain was reminiscent of Hulk vs Loki in The Avengers movie - although not quite as violent. Then just when you think it's over we're treated to some hilarity by a butt naked Tony Stark and Hulk. That's right - this comic contains a NAKED HULK! And who should be there to capture this moment in memory but our ever lovin' former photographer Spider-Man.

Personally I think Kelly Sue DeConnick's Avengers Assemble is far better than both of Hickman's current Avengers titles so do yourself a favour and give this series a try.

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