haydenclaireheroes's Avengers Assemble #1 - Assembling review

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This is my video review for Avengers Assemble issue 1. In this issue the Avengers meet a villian group called the Zodiac.


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    Disassembled Expectations 0

    I had very high expectations for this book. In fact, I was all ready to buy the variant covers to "show my support", but after reading the internal content, I decided to save my money for something a bit more deserving. The redeeming quality of this book is its art. I really enjoyed each of the variant covers and the interiors, but the story just left so much to be desired. The "Marvel Avengers Prelude" mini-series has more to offer than this story, and that is primarily about Nick Fury dealing ...

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    Avengers Assemble #1 (Marvel) 0

    AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!!I've always wanted to say that, along with a whole bunch of other things.So anyway, to the point. Avengers Assemble #1. Excellent read. Basically meant to be an easy-to-access series with the team from the upcoming movie meant to serve as accessible to less regular readers.THE GOOD:The story is interesting. I like the Avengers cast seen here. I enjoyed the villains that they have. The Zodiac are an interesting concept explored as super-humans, each named after a sigh of the z...

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