scuzz2_0's Avengers Assemble #1 - Assembling review

Bendis? again?

the whole hulk thing really pissed me off. although bendis has absolutely no respect for continuity the whole thing screamed of editorial mandate.

Everything about Hawkeye in this book was terrible from the funeral talk that was awful to Bryan hitch being credited in giant letters for his costume design. seriously,in a book with all these characters that decades of writers and artist have contributed to, the only guy you wanna mention is the person who made Hawkeyes costume look more like it will in the movie?

why couldnt they get someone different on this book? bendis ran out of good ideas a long time ago. even his ideas that were decent were extremely poorly executed. he his so tied up for ideas he is even recycling his own crappy ones. "hey, remember dark reign and the dark avengers? well people hated that right? so lets do it again" this book needed a fresh writer and a new flavor. instead it comes off as a blatant excuse to make more money.

why do marvel only think short term? putting out sucky books might make you money now but it will bite you in the ass down the road. they are milking this franchise for everything it is worth, to the point were no one will care about it anymore. have marvel never heard of over exposure?

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