What is Avengers Arena ?

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I never read AA and can someone please tell me what its about ?

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@Kid_Omega_Prime: It's a book about killing 10 year olds

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@Kid_Omega_Prime: It's a book about killing 10 year olds

Oh my.... So its like the hunger games. Well I hope theres a way they all won't die ? if i'm a beting man I would say X-23 has the best chance because she is not a throgh away person like Mimic, Major Mapleleaf, Puck or Hrimhari. By the way i was refering to both Mimic's not just the Exiles one.

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@Kid_Omega_Prime: On the other hand, for a series which has primarily survived on shock value, killing a supposedly safe character would be par for the course for Arena.

But yes, in a nutshell it's Marvel Hunger Games, albeit with pre-existing loved characters instead of an all-new cast to be killed off. It remains to be seen if the book will evolve beyond that blatant cash-in homage and become something unique, worthwhile, or anything beyond heinous, or whether there's a way to keep characters alive without pissing off the book's fans (who seem primarily interested in it because of the deaths' seeming permanence).

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