The Avengers Arena Virtual Reality Theory (why it MIGHT BE valid)

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Let me preface this by saying that I was actually excited for Avengers Arena. Battle Royale's one of my favorite movies so going with that set up had me jazzed. X-23, Nico Minoru, and Chase Stein are my top three favorite Marvel characters so I was glad to see them again.

Then the feedback came and it told a different story.

Apparently almost everyone hated it, shots were fired, things were said, some of which I'm guilty of. But in the end I decided to leave well enough alone, keep reading, and go on my merry. If the book turned out good I'd have a good laugh to myself, and if not then the worst thing it did was waste my time and I'd just have to go find a better book.

Now from what I gather, there's seems to be a theory floating around that this is all a virtual reality, which given this is Arcade's doing makes sense. He's done it before. The problem that people pointed out was that if this was a virtual reality then where's the tension? Good point, where is the tension? What if there never was to begin with?

Now you're probably asking yourself, how does that justify the Virtual Reality theory man?

I have to admit this gave me something to think about. Then I changed the focus from WHAT to WHY and something dawned on me.

I realized something about all these kids, they are the future of superheroes. If this is a virtual reality they are gonna come out of it completely different then when they went in. They are gonna view themselves and each other in dramatically different lights. And what better way to cripple the superheroes of tomorrow than to sow dissent and distrust among them right now.

In other words, Arcade may be doing this not to entertain himself but to sabotage the future. But there's still one elephant in the room, is this what Dennis Hopeless is going for?

I don't know. I don't know the guy, I've never spoken with him, I'm not in his head, I know about as much as everyone else does at the moment. However he has said that what will define this book is the choices the characters make, and if my theory holds, I can only imagine what all these kids are gonna think of each other when all is said and done.

Now is Avengers Arena gonna be as good as I first thought, oh God definitely not. It's pacing so far has been very uneven, there's a real lack of the kill or be killed atmosphere, and six issues in and there's finally a fight. If this is gonna be a twelve issue series it has not gotten off to a good start at all. But is it gonna be as bad as the nay sayers well say? I'm holding out hope that may not be the case. I'm just gonna keep reading and see where it goes, and if it's good, if it's bad, well I already pointed that out.

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An interesting theory. I've pointed out the holes I see in the VR theory elsewhere so I won't rehash them here, but of course there are enough cases of ignoring what should be in this book that I'd welcome a couple more if they got the book out of the predicament I see it in.

For what it's worth, I'm a hardcore naysayer, but I'm extremely hopeful it's not as bad as I say it is too.

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I love that book

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@akbogert: At this point all I can hope is that it accomplishes its objective, the rose colored glasses have long since come off

If you're a naysayer than go to town man, world's your oyster

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Interesting perspective. Based on what has happened up til now, there are plenty of things being discovered but it's more an unveiling of previous issues some of these characters had prior to being inserted into Murder World. As for Arcade, a very big piece of his story was that he enjoyed killing. Killing for the sake of killing -- so much so that he felt it necessary to satiate his enjoyment of killing with amusing rooms set up specifically for the victims he managed to ensnare. I keep thinking of the old Arcade which is why I can't get into this new one -- so different and not just because of his powers. His look has changed - his demeanour and as well and seriously, this is the first time he has ever managed to kill superheros he's trapped. Some are still students, but our Hazmat and X-23 have graduated and are for all intents and purposes, full fledged Avenger-worthy.

I don't know. I am thinking this is all in the character's heads somehow and Mettle being the first to go and Red Raven probably making sense when more of the plot is revealed. Red Raven was the only one capable of flying, right? As for Mettle -- I can't figure that out and I am not too geared in wanting to. The last issue and it's last page has me INFURIATED.

But it's just a book, right? (repeats this to self, over and over)

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@bsmith1190: Oh believe me, I have been going to town on this one. I practically have a second house there.

But like I say -- this is one case where I hope all my ranting and raving turns out to have been pointless. I've never been so eager to be entirely humiliated.

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@lykopis: If we can recover from One More Day, we can certainly recover from this

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I said this a long time ago , if the adult heroes knew something had happened to the young heroes they would have stopped it almost right away!

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@bsmith1190 said:

@lykopis: If we can recover from One More Day, we can certainly recover from this

Good point.

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@lykopis said:

The last issue and it's last page has me INFURIATED.

Why? Just curious.

The characters affected in that last panel were Hopeless's creations.

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@stumpy49er said:

@lykopis said:

The last issue and it's last page has me INFURIATED.

Why? Just curious.

The characters affected in that last panel were Hopeless's creations.

sorry for saying it was the last page -- I was way off.

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@lykopis: Man...Hopeless is just tearing characters in half left and right, and if that is his interpretation of Trigger Scent this abomination shouldn't last too much longer. why the hell is Laura drooling!?

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@lykopis: @Lightburst: An expanded version of an earlier rant on the TS thing (also might open some other folks' eyes):

Trigger Scent is the equivalent of kryptonite for Laura. And the way it was handled in here is literally the most infuriating thing that could possibly have been done (speaking as an X-23 fan) short of having her just randomly kill someone. It is a highly advanced chemical compound specifically designed to work with her DNA, to produce a very specific behavior. It's also a top-secret compound, because Laura was designed to be a weapon to be used by high-ball bidders, and if everyone knew the secret to controlling her there would have been no market. So very few people should even know it exists, and there's zero feasibility to the idea that anyone could manufacture their own. Even if they could, it would require having access to Laura's genetic map, and it would take years. What Hopeless did here is as stupid as if a writer had one of Superman's joke villains, who previously knew nothing about Krypton (nevermind Kryptonite), and who did not even have the original Kryptonite to study and work from, magically concoct his own fake Kryptonite which was just as effective against Superman.

Seriously: Arcade, who shouldn't have even known about the Weapon X program, definitely shouldn't have known about Trigger Scent. And even if he knew about it, he shouldn't have been able to make it without at the very least having a formula or a sample of the real stuff to work off of.

Could you imagine if someone wrote a Superman story and said, "well, I know that we need Kryptonite here to weaken him, but Krypton is gone, and the fragments are hard to come by, and most normal people don't even know about that stuff…so I'm just going to have this guy make his own Kryptonite (nevermind how he knew to try), and even though he has no model for the chemical composition of that substance to emulate, he'll just fudge it. Oh, he'll also be the first guy to ever try that, and he'll do it super-successfully, even joke about how easy it was to create Superman's only weakness with a high school chemistry kit he ordered on Amazon."

Arcade should absolutely, under no circumstances, have been able to manufacture TS. It has been a highly-prized compound on the black market; people have killed and died to acquire a small vial of it, that's how rare it is. And seeing as X-23 was marketed to the most powerful and wealthy crime bosses in the world, Hopeless is asking us to believe that Arcade managed to "easily" (considering his "two weeks" remark) whip up something which no other evil genius in the world was ever able to.

Honestly, had Arcade just said he "had a source" or "knew someone" or had "friends in low places," I'd have been fine with it. I accept that he could have gotten his hands on some. But making it? That's too convenient.

And it would be bad enough if Hopeless had just done that, but it's the reason for doing it that makes it all the more infuriating: to either make Laura kill, or make the other kids unable to trust her/see her as a threat. The fact that he could not find a canon-respecting way to do that, and had to completely break the rules of her entire character history (seriously, TS is supposed to be her only real weakness, it can't just materialize) in order to make her fit into his story -- that is the infuriating part.

(spoiled because it's long-ish)

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Hopeless is doing an amazing job in this comic. I hope it lasts as long as he wants it to last. If Arcade can blow up Mettle with a wave of his hand, then it shouldn't be implausible for him to create a trigger scent. Again, Arcades new found power has yet to be explained. Next issue, it should start to make sense. Hopefully!

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@stumpy49er: The only viable explanation at this point is if Arcade literally has been given the powers of a god.

At which point, this book is literally -- like, actually -- driven by a deus ex machina. Where nothing is reasonable because anything can happen.

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if it reaches season six this would be a great series , i also like how alfred has not aged in six years...

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@akbogert: My theory that Arcade may not be acting alone and may in fact be a puppet for a higher power could be correct. Not sure who it is or what this other persons motivation could be; if it is indeed the explanation.

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@stumpy49er: Right, I'm just saying, if Arcade has actual god powers -- earned or lent, doesn't really matter -- then there's no real tension because he has the ability to do whatever he wants and it doesn't have to make sense. That would make the story a lot less compelling to me.

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@Lightburst said:

@lykopis: Man...Hopeless is just tearing characters in half left and right, and if that is his interpretation of Trigger Scent this abomination shouldn't last too much longer. why the hell is Laura drooling!?

I know. I can hardly believe it. :/

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