Number Games: Avengers Arena vs. Avengers Academy

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@djbwab said:

I hate to be the barer of bad news, but ANOTHER RUNAWAYS SERIES IS NOT HAPPENING. This is all that we will see of the runaways- nico, chase, and rest in this series (issue 13) and Victor in A.I.. Can't we at least try to be happy that these characters are being used, and receiving character developement instead of turning out like the Initiative kids, or the Young Allies. I love the Runaways, but at this point in time this is the most we will see of these characters, same goes for academy kids. I LOVE this series! It made me like Hazmat and made me gain a lot more respect for Nico. Letting something you don't like consume all of your time and thoughts isn't going to make it go away, and it makes some of you people look like ignorant fanboys with nothing better to do than beat a dead horse. How many of you people complaining actually read this series btw? Not summaries, but the actual series. Peace

So, a couple things.

First, I don't think anyone hates this book because they expected another Runaways series. You are arguing against a point no one is making (which is what debaters call burning a straw man).

These characters are not receiving character development in the slightest. I won't try to say more about that now because I have been slowly building a very long essay on all the problems with the Runaways' use in Arena and am waiting until the series (or season) ends before I try to put it all out together. But there are insane problems with the writing of these characters so no, I don't think their handling here is superior to them having not been used at all.

This book is selling fewer issues than Avengers Academy was when it was cancelled. Your argument that "same goes for academy kids" is therefore invalidated.

When I point to concrete examples, and list numerous, precise problems, and explain specific things which cannot or should not happen based on previously-established facts, I am not being remotely "ignorant." On the other hand, when you come along, tell people they should enjoy being kicked in the stomach, make unfounded or indefensible claims, and use straw man logic to dismiss hard data, then the only one being a fanboy is you.

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Take me, I'm yours!


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