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The real problem is everyone is judging the book by it's cover. The concept was meant to look like a death match, but anyone who has actually been reading would know there's more to the story than that. Only two people have actually died. That's less that most comics. If your upset about seeing a character die join the club, because chances are you've seen a character you love die and not come back. Iv'e had this plenty of happen plenty of times and Iv'e gotten over it. I don't harp on it and trash writers or make a petition or in any circumstance send them death threats. You can't make a fuss every time something happens in comics that you don't like. If your that bothered don't read it. That might be your best shot at getting it cancelled. Feeding controversy is just making it more popular. Issue 5 came out to today and Iv'e been enjoying it so far because I realize there's more to it than just killing and this book wouldn't have been approved if it was just simply a "kill" book where one person walks out of it alive. I first picked up the book very interested and was pleasantly surprised to find out that these people aren't killing each other and it's more of a story of surviving. Yes people have died but once again less than most. He's actually introduced more characters than he's killed. As for character development, he's actually done a lot and he's slowly telling you who these people are. Lastly for those calling it a ripoff. You should know that almost no comic book in the last decade or more is entirely original. Most writers have taken inspiration from something else. And as far as purely comic book concepts go, it's a little bit more original than most current stuff. So I for one am going to keep reading because I can see these things a little more clearly!

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