Avengers Arena Sales Figures & Chart

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After thinking it over, I decided to put together a bar chart showing the sales figures of Avengers Arena.

If any find the image unclear let me know.



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@animehunter: might you create another chart starting with issue 3 (which is when numbers reflect orders AFTER people had a chance to read the first issue and decide whether to read or not)?

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@akbogert: Create a second chart will be too messy, I instead changed the colours of the bar for issues 3+, will that suffice

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@animehunter: well the key is that the change looks a lot less dramatic because the scale compensates for the artificially high initial sales. So you'd need a new chart, which would show that the changes in readership have been pretty big -- losses in the thousands -- since issue 3.

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good....good.....let the sale drop flow right through you! MAUAHHAHAHA!

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I mean, it has shed an average of 2,000 readers per issue for the past four issues.

It is intriguing that they're so outspoken about the future of this series, and now I really do wonder: their "gameplan" seems to have been to assure people that there'd be a lot more death coming up than there has been. Is that what people were waiting to hear? Will the numbers pick up as the deaths become more frequent?

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this book took a large chunk of m favorite people and ruined them.

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@animehunter: To be fair, pretty much every other Marvel title losers readers with each new issue.

(At least, according to Comichron)

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@animehunter: Indeed. I don't know what it is worth, but when they cancelled Avengers Academy, the most recent issue prior to the cancellation had sold 26,572.

If they are going to continue pushing through this book (and doing that "second season") after it has reached the same level (and likely will dip below, especially after issue 10) of the book they cancelled it to make room for (and added a whole bunch of other niche popular characters to as well), then they aren't even doing it for money anymore.

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I'm still gonna buy it the next trade when it comes out. Just saying.

( + )

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Avengers Arena #6 had more sales than YA. So maybe worry about it? Leave Arena alone really. YA has more risk of cancellation. AA won't go anywhere before finishing the story

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Why is this being done? Seems a bit pointless to me.

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Why is this being done? Seems a bit pointless to me.

For quite some time, people were arguing over how this book was either selling amazingly or doing terribly. Having a more concrete picture of how it's actually doing makes those arguments somewhat moot. Granted, I think there are alternative ways to present the data which could further one side or the other, but as it stands a simple tracking of the numbers has, up until recently, been primarily because people wondered what the likelihood was of this book getting cancelled (particularly in light of announcements over the summer that it would see a "second season"). Now that the book has officially been, if not cancelled, at least given a definite conclusion, the numbers no longer serve a useful purpose. But hey, old habits die hard.

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I've update the sales figures above

Avengers Arena #15 22,179

Young Avengers #10 25,873

as @akbogert said, old habits

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