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U.O.E.N.O. 0

takes a deep breathe*ahhhhMMMMAAAaaaAAAaaaNNNNThis is my first review ever on ComicVine!second time typing it since my laptop crashed. Oh well.Shout Out to @RyonslaughtLet us BeginThe GOODThis story is inspired by The Hunger Games success, and The Hunger Games was inspired by Battle Royal. Big deal. Art imitates art all the time. Dennis Hopeless (funny last name), Greg Horn (#3), Dave Johnson(#1), Chris Bachalo & Tim Townsend(#2) let the reader know that this isn't an "original" story. Arca...

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If Hunger Games Focused On Every Character 0

This is one of the three Marvel Now comics that I picked up in hopes of getting back into the genre. The other two were Hawkeye and Superior Spider-Man, fantastic volumes full of wonderful characterization and very solid stories. Here, however, I was reminded how this isn't always the case.The plot is very bare-bones. This is Hunger Games, but with teenage superheroes from various series, such as Avengers Academy and Runaways, among others. The first issue even references the source material, w...

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