pspin's Avengers Arena #6 - Pawn Takes King review

Avengers Arena #6 Review

Avengers Arena #6 Review


There is a heavy focus on the more unknown kids here as the groups try to make it to the safe zones.

The Good:

This was probably the best issue yet and it had almost zero focus on the “mainstream” characters (X-23, Nico, etc.) and almost entirely on Anachronism and the other British kids. The plot mainly revolves around Anachronism and his mysterious ability and how he is friends with several of the other kids he was traveling with. His actions at the end are particularly shocking and out of nowhere. There is also the sense of breakdown between the British kids (everyone in the group is from the Braddock Academy except for Death Locket) and they manipulate and turn on each other quickly.

Dennis Hopeless writes the issue well as he shows the kids manipulating each other. While it may seem sudden, given the powers of some of the people and their past history of not being good friends, it actually makes sense even though it is only day 8ish to 12ish.

Kev Walker continues to draw beautiful issues as and capture the emotion of the kids well.

The Bad:

The biggest problem I has was the use of X-23’s trigger scent. It is a well-kept secret and only a few people in the world know about it therefore seeing Arcade use it is a bit annoying. I know that he said it wasn’t the exact one and his own version that took a while to make and she does have a slightly different reaction to it; it still is a little annoying to see.

X-23’s face when she is initially exposed is a little ridiculous.


The series has a history of being at its best when the focus is on the original characters and this issue is no different at all; in fact it is probably the best issue yet. While some will continue to hate on the series, this issue is a very good one, it is not without its flaws but it is worth the while if you have been enjoying, or on the fence, about the series. Dennis Hopeless is improving and Kev Walker continuesto deliver as the series is starting to take off.

4 out of 5

Posted by akbogert

I was beginning to fear no one on CV was even going to talk about this issue, haha.

The trigger scent thing is really aggravating to me, all things considered, so I'm glad you mentioned it. As far as I can tell, that's the complaint about this issue, which just makes me wish all the more that Hopeless hadn't used any pre-existent characters; sounds like the ones he's come up with are plenty enjoyable on their own.

Posted by pspin

@akbogert: Sorry this week has been crazy for me.

The original characters are definitely are the high point. Every issue that focuses on his them is far superior to the others. I understand why they need existing characters but having fan favorites like X-23 was a risk that isn't really paying off in any measurable form. The only positive about the trigger scent is that it isn't the trigger scent. I feel like they used it to show that Arcade is smart but he already has built an island of death traps.

At least the end was a shocker. I honestly didn't see it coming.

Posted by akbogert

@pspin: I doubt anyone did. Particularly in light of the previous issue.

With Laura it's like I'm stuck choosing between bad, worse, and worst options. The worst would have been had they just had Laura randomly kill people, which she absolutely would not do. So by having her be in this book, there pretty much needed to be TS. So then the best viable option is that Arcade "knows someone who hooked him up." It'd be dumb, but it would at least make a bit more sense. But that Arcade knew all about TS, and was able to make his own (and in two weeks, because he struggled, should've been done even faster?), is just PIS. There's not even any way to defend it. It's the dumbest thing I've read thus far, and it's going to be used as an excuse to have Laura either kill people or be avoided/mistrusted.

Oh well. At least she hasn't actually done anything she'll regret yet.


Posted by pspin

@akbogert: Yeah, at least he admitted that it wasn't the exact trigger scent. Although having him know about it isn't too unrealistic, he has clearly spent time preparing and at some point he could have heard a rumor about it and tried. I am not defending it, I am just saying that it is not completely beyond the realm of possibility, just close to it. I knew that the TS was going to pop up sooner or later, it almost has to for better or worse. I totally agree about the regret thing.

Posted by akbogert

@pspin: Yeah, it was inevitable that TS would show up (unless the book was even dumber than I thought). I just think the idea of Arcade making his own is completely, unforgivably stupid.

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