pspin's Avengers Arena #3 - Earth Girls Aren't Easy review

Avengers Arena #3 Review

Avengers Arena #3 Review


The backstory of another new member is told while there is a powerful stalker on the island.

The Good:

This issue is good; the story moves along and keeps up the pace set by the previous ones. The backstory of Cammi is told and it is interesting. There are no major fights but there is still some action, given what happens, it is hard to talk about the story without spoilers.

Dennis Hopeless does a good job of introducing characters that are more than just cardboard cutouts and meat shields for the known characters. Is Cammi perfect, no, but her death might have an impact instead of just taking up space.

The art by Kev Walker is once again, excellent and a great fit to the story. Frank Martin’s colors also are great and complement the art and story well

The Hunger Games tribute cover by Greg Horn is pretty good too.

The Bad:

There is a stalker on the island that operates at night and it is freaking everyone out; the problem is that 13 out of 14 of the kids are explicitly shown at night clearly not stalking people and the remainder, Reptil, doesn’t fit the stalker based on what happens in the issue and it kind of kills the suspense if you pay attention.

Two people are attacked here and it is unclear if one dies or not and since this series is based on who lives and who dies, that is annoying to say the least.


A good issue for the series, but not without its problems; right now, the series is being carried by the art and the loyalty of fans of certain characters. That isn’t to say that the story is bad, but it is not the best; suffering from the fact that this plot has been done before.

3 out of 5

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