caladbolglight's Avengers Arena #2 - Deadly Allies review

That's A Good Girl

The Good

This book focuses on a whole other new character, Deathlocket. Her background story is actually quite interesting, and this is a character that I am personally really quite interested in, far more so than Hazmat, a character who I always hated.

This series also seems to take Arcade seriously. This setup is perfect for him, and I finally see why they call it Murderworld. For once, it seems, he's actually murdering someone.

I'm really digging the art too. The cover is very inviting and the art inside the book reflects the tone of the comic beautifully. Solid script too.

The Bad

While this series does have its pluses, the only thing that is going though my mind right now is Hunger Games knockoff. This has to be the least original idea I have ever seen in a comic. It`s not even a comic book motif. It would be mildly excusable if this was a common theme in comics. It's not something you see very often in comics, but I just can't stand the way it's set up. Even the way the characters team up is reminiscence of the hunger games.

I also can't see these deaths being permanent. Killing off 15 characters seems like a rather tall order and some of these characters aren't exactly no names. We got X-23 and Nico Minoru and Darkhawk, all characters with a rich history.

The Verdict

The only reason I'm still reading this is because I want to see where this goes. Other than that, I only see a few redeaming qualities. I suppose if the plot is your cup of tea than it's worth it.

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