facemelter88's Avengers Arena #15 - Boss Level Part 2 of 5 review

Who knew a series about killing characters I love could be so good

So Boss Level past 2, I guess this is the final arc and it is a good one. So we're down to our few remaining "contestants," all of who I have loved for years or are and have grown to love. This could have been a simple fight the big killy thing but Hopeless made this more about the characters (a few in particular). It was hard to keep reading at times, after issue 1 seeing what happened to my boy Mettle ugh, I was done and had marked Dennis Hopeless for death. Though I knew going into reading all these issues every time an issue ended without a death I could breath a sigh of relief but if someone did die I was not happy and it was like losing a friend (corny, I know).


My, my, my ironic to see a member of the Bloodstone family is secretly a monster (spoiler...get over it). It was a crazy reveal last issue but it was well played out this issue. I was impressed that Hopeless made this not merely a fight the monster and move on issue, it had action but that was not the main focus. The focus was on several of the characters and their bond. There is quite a bit of a character shift in Nara which really made me happy. We learn her story which adds depth to her and kind of explains why she is the snooty, violent diva she is. She went from practically a stand by character that I tolerated to the heroine I cheer for. The search for the ring as well as the exposition that went along with it was great, it really showed the history between Aiden and Cullen as well as Nara and Aiden (which was my favorite). Being in Nara's mind stole the show, I really liked seeing the warped decision making and her revelations about her feelings toward Aiden. Though they were fighting a monster the biggest fight was between Aiden not wanting to kill his best friend and the uncaring Nara fighting her heart. A big moment was when Nara told Aiden that Cullen transformed not to protect them when, "No. Whatever he's done that was for you." Her telling Aiden this was a big step considering she joked about Aiden not seeing Bloodstone has feelings for him and ridiculed Cullen (is he gay or was it out of friendship, does it matter?). It sucks how the monster thing was resolved but the issue gave us cool action and moving character driven moments. Though I wonder why Aiden didn't tell them how to use the ring sooner, it was ridiculously simple and why not exorcise Cullen, but these few gripes don't outweigh the good. This a moving and action packed issue no one should miss.

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