theacidskull's Avengers Arena #10 - Game On Part 3 of 5 review

R.I.P Nico, You Will Be Missed.

This is My first review of the Avengers arena, and it'll probably won't be my last either, see the thing is that i've kept hope that the series would improve, and it and they kids would team up and defeat arcade or at least something like that, but i should have figured it out from the moment mettle died that that the kids/heroes would probably die one way or the other, even the major ones. i decided to postpone my review until the word was out about one of the main characters deaths, and since i've waited lets start reviewing.

First of as usual, i'd like to get the art out of the way. it's not exactly bad, but it's ....i guess...ill structured. What i mean is that sometimes the characters seem bent in an odd way or the faces are kind of rusty. For example on one panel x-23 looks as if her hands are connected with her legs, and her face looks as if she just sniffed up cocaine , and no this isn't a joke, the face was hilariously stupid. and the flow of the actions scenes shifted from smooth to rusty from time to time, it wasn't enjoyable at all.

As for the story, not much makes sense here. i get that hopeless is trying to make some of the kids as a bad guy to show what circumstances could do to us, but it just doesn't work well. for one thing When Laura goes to look for and FINDS katy, she meets chase and tells him to stay put, and so he does, and while she is getting stomped by a huge sentinel, chase says OMG and does absolutely nothing to help. so i'm supposed to believe that chase, a stubborn , athlete jock with powers didn't even try to help? i know he and Laura aren't exactly teammates or friends but it would have made sense for him to intervene. Also, why was x-23 unable to doge a huge robots attacks when she dodges bullets with ease? so a master strategist killing machine wasn't able to figure out that the giant robot standing behind the villain would be a problem? or did she simply ignore it? or wasn't it her who said that as soon as she meets someone she instantly tries to account for everything a couple of issues back? where did that go? no idea.

Then katy, the supposed intellectual villain who will do anything to survive and win, doesn't get rid of the main threat, x-23 , and tosses her miles away to her friends because the plot demeaned it. Look, i don't want Laura dead, don't get me wrong, but there should have at least been a logical reason to why katy let x-23 live, not that she would be able to kill her though.

Now we get to the good part, as they are fighting, they end up at the end of a cliff, where Nico saves her friends, but before she can get out, she gets injured and has to close the portal. not here is the deal. While nico gets up, chase comes back, as darkhawk, and nico apologizes for being a jerk, but then it turns out that chase being controlled, and therefore he cuts here arm of and knocks her off a cliff. Before i get into why this sucks i'd like to ask , why didn't nico realize something was off? Chase knew who the bad guy was, and yet he didn't attack her at all, and nico, for some reason doesn't realize that chase, her friend mind you, isn't attacking the obvious foe for some reason. it's bad enough that she basically threw out a close friend of his out of the group to be alone, now she can't even think straight?

But thats not the problem, her death, was absolutely idiotic. i had no build up, and she was just sacrificed how hopeless's characters could live on, for whom none of us even care about , not even a little. Nicos death was sudden, and if had not emotional force or merit to it. sure it could have been sad that her friend was the one who executed her unwillingly, but it just didn't work, because it was not played out well.

Recommendation: You Think?

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