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One Simple Truth

There is one simple reason why this series is promising. I'll get to that after I explain the backstory to this reason. Well also the art is stunning. Here is the extent of my knowledge about any of these characters coming into this series.

-X23 is Wolverine's Clone/Daughter/something and has the same basic abilities he does.

-The Runaways have a VERY dedicated fanbase and their parents were supervillains or something I think.

The end. I know Avengers Academy existed and I saw a lot of praise for it, but I know nothing about a single character in it save X-23 and even that is minimal. I have not even HEARD of the rest of them. I've heard of the Runaways, but know nothing of any of the individuals. So yeah, you may say I have no attachment to them but here's the thing.

I cried when Mettle died. Dennis Hopeless gripped me with such a character driven introduction that I was already heartbroken to see Mettle die. I saw it coming right before it happened and whispered to myself "oh no, oh no no no please no."

So is this cheap shock value death? NO. Hopeless made me care about Mettle to twist my heart and prepare me for the cold dark reality of this series. And Mettle wasn't even the character spotlighted, it was his girlfriend, Hazmat. I really feel something for her after just one issue, and I know she'll be surviving quite a while. If Hopeless kills too many too quickly, this won't work; but from what I've seen in the first issue I truly believe Hopeless knows what he's doing. After all, he brought tears to my eyes when a character I barely knew died.

In Conclusion: 5/5

I know this is less substantial than most reviews, but I felt this was the most poignant and precise way to express my feelings about this series in the face of some partially justified outrage. But you know what? My interest in reading Avengers Academy, a series on the fringe of my mind, has multiplied exponentially, as has my desire to read Runaways which was still on my to-read list but much further down. Dennis Hopeless made me care so much about two characters in single issue. That's good writing.

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