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I'm going to come out and say that I don't like what happens in this issue or the premise of the series in general. Why? Why does Marvel need to kill off some of my favorite characters? I'm only going to continue reading this book so I can answer that question.

So many characters that I like are on the chopping bock: Reptil, Nico, Cammi (the girl who used to hang out with Drax), Mettle, Hazmat, Darkhawk, Chase, and Laura (X23). Why would you kill any of these characters? I still just don't understand. I'm going to give Hopeless the benefit of a doubt because I think he's a good writer, he just always gets crap books. All of the characters are well written, but the plot really concerns me.

Someone dies in this issue and it both shocked and upset me. We really should have had an issue or two before people starting getting killed, without them it makes the characters' deaths seem cheap.

We see a scene between Hazmat and Mettle that really confuses me. They are lying together naked, obviously having just been intimate, and talking. It doesn't make sense to me because I thought that Mettle no longer has a sense of touch, which would make sex...difficult. This isn't really that big of a deal, but it kind of bugged me.

The art was great--it's the main reason this issue got more than one star. Walker & Martin's art looks incredible. The character death really looked good.

I'm going to stick with this series even though I hated the first issue. I've always thought that it's stupid to drop a series just because you don't like what happened in one issue, if you stick around you might like where it goes, which I'm hoping will be the case with this book.

PS: If Laura gets killed off I'm going to throw a fit. When I learned that she was going to be in this book, I was terrified. She's one of my favorite characters ever and if Marvel decides to kill her off for no reason I'm going to lose all respect for them.

Posted by DoctorVancouver

They can't kill Laura, she's a clone of Wolverine and has an arguable better healing factor than he does. So no need to worry about that.

Posted by TheLog

Some methods can kill her, like drowning or decapitation. She can't heal from those.

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