What if Tim Drake was part of Avengers Academy?

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Imagine if Tim Drake existed in the Marvel universe and he still had the Robin Mantle.Do you think Tim would join avengers academy?How helpful would he be to the team?How would he interact with the other members?

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He'll join Avengers Academy only if he wanted to infiltrate it.

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He would probs do recon for bats to see what it all is about assuming that Batman exists in the marvel universe as well.

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he would join the Young Avengers as Falcon's protege, assuming Batman isnt transfering over as well

(this is based off of his new52 costume as red robin, not his pre-reboot costume)

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I think that Tim Drake would make a better instructor than a student. He's been through a lot so maybe he could relate to these kids and think of how cool it would be for Nightwing to be teaching all the students how to hack and defeat henchmen without being noticed.

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