Top 9 Avengers Academy moments

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I love Avengers Academy. It is the Marvel title that made me give modern Marvel another chance after converting to DC. And it made me a fan of Giant Man. Unfortunately, it didn't last weary long. If you haven't read Avengers Academy yet, do it NOW. The first 20 issues are great.

This is my top 9 greatest moments of Avengers Academy, so there will be some spoilers.

Nbr. 9: Hercules as guest instructor.

Lord Zeus, I love Hercules!

Nbr. 8: Finesse vs. Taskmaster.

Fathers Day must be a b%tch.

Nbr. 7: Mettle surfing.

Well, I guess something good came out of A vs. X after all:)

Nbr. 6: The academy vs. The Sinister Six.

They got schooled.

Nbr. 5: Giant Man vs. Absorbing Man.

Nbr. 4: Giant Man vs. Absorbing Man round 2.

God or crook, Hank Pym wins because he is the smartest man in the room.

Nbr. 3: Hazmat invents the greatest treat EVER made in a comic.

She never bluff.

Nbr. 2: Hazmat kicks Rockslide in the...?

Never gets old:)

Nbr. 1: Hazmat and Mettle fighting The Worthy.

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This just made me sad, seeing Mettle.


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@lykopis: Damn. I kinda hoped for the opposite effect.

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It's okay. Not your fault. **sniff**

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How come Doc Pym and the other Avengers Academy instructors and students aren't concerned with finding Hazmat, Mettle, X23 and Reptil?

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Do you have a favorite Avengers Academy moment?

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