So its a serious comic and not police academy?

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I thought it would be goofy after hearing the Reptil dude from SuperHeroSquad was in it

but it's looking good


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Secret Avengers will do for me thank you.

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Reptil may have been on Super Hero Squad but he mad his first appearance in the Avengers Initiative Annual #1

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@Omega Ray Jay said:
" Secret Avengers will do for me thank you. "
I think its worth checking out
and there are some interesting back stories going on
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@xerox-kitty: You should've been reading Avengers: Inititative.... Robbie Baldwin's rehabilitation has been going on over there with a little help from Trauma and Niels the cat. 
it's actually nice to see that Christos Gage has shepherded his character so well, working with him on quite a few Thuderbolts one-shots and issues, taking him with him into Avengers: Initative and now using him in Academy, and with Justice no less.  
It's a great time for New Warriors Fans.
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@Casket: So you recommended it? Because I must say it looks interesting at most

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