Pick new instructors for the Avengers Academy.

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You have been asked to pick instructors for Avengers Academy, a training-facility for the Avengers of tomorrow (Its actually for damaged teenagers with powers, who have psych-profiles that indicate that they could become super-villains).

Who do you pick, and why?

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Here is the instructors I would get:

Rick Jones AKA A-Bomb. He has training from bout Cap America and Cap Marvel, witch make him a great choice for being responsible for combat training. He also has experience with handling situations with the Hulk, witch will be useful if the "students" runs amok.

Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat. She has training from the Avengers and personal experience with the over-natural. She can also sense mystical energy, witch can be useful.

Elvin Haliday AKA Rage. He started as a teenage superhero, and can therefor better understand what the students are going trough. Has experience from bout the New Warriors, Avengers, Counter-force and the Initiative.

Jennifer Walters AKA She-Hulk. As a layer, she can teach the students all they need to know about law working as a superhero.

Hank Pym. Founding member of the Avengers, one of the most experienced hero there is, and I cant think of someone else there should be in command of Avengers Academy.

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