Love 'Em Hate 'Em

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The academy has over 10 issues now giving us a fair enought time to gather an opinion on each of the characters, and what i want to know is who's your favorite, and who do you want pym-slapped (dislike) 

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My favorite is Mettle. I think the instructors could arrange a trip to Utopia for him. It could be easier if he met a walking stone golem (Rockslide) or a girl made of living mercury (Cessily Kincaid).
My least favorite - Veil. Her costume looks horrible, her crush on Justice is pathetic, and her "brilliant" decision to

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My favorite's Mettle. I think Hazmat and him should get togethor.

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I like them all. Each one brings a little something different to the table.
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One of the best comics at the moment

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