does anybody else think that marvel has ruined avengers academy

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I mean really you have all the most messed up avengers teaching kids. Then have the kids find out this dark secret in the first book. and why is speedball even there? he was never an avenger. Hazmat and Mettle are basically plotting to break out norman osborn. all striker cares about is fame. finesse is having secret tutoring from quicksilver for God knowns what reason. why is quicksilver there? all he cares about is not being magneto. justice and tigra are all right. the only good characters are hank pym reptil and veil. does anyone else think this series is a  insult to the avengers
#1 Posted by xerox_kitty (17338 posts) - - Show Bio

I think it's a great series that is a natural successor to Avengers Initiative.

#2 Posted by PumpkinBomb (501 posts) - - Show Bio

It's the best Avengers book on the market.

#3 Posted by adamwarner42 (429 posts) - - Show Bio

It's alot better than the other Avenger books
#4 Posted by Sobe Cin (602 posts) - - Show Bio

Read issue one, wasn't impressed. Reptil was better on Super hero squad anyway. They just need to take Bendis away from the major storylines and let someone else write them for the next ten years.
#5 Posted by Benuben (233 posts) - - Show Bio

Actually, it makes perfect sence that these messed up Avengers are teaching these kids. Who is supossed to understand more that someone can be hero even if world doesnt planned it, than them? Finesse said, that she needs to learn more, than what they are teching her, because they are afraid to teach her things, what can help her, but what hero shouldnt do. And whats wrong with Strikers hunger for fame or Metlles and Hazmats plans? remember, EACH of them can become villain, writer is just trying to make you believe that it would make sence if one day one of them become villain.

#6 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (14775 posts) - - Show Bio

since when is NOT wanting to be magneto a bad thing........not even Magneto wants to be Magneto anymore 
this whole series is about heroes who have had messed up lives and careers trying to help prevent younger heroes from making the same mistake
#7 Posted by fesak (8488 posts) - - Show Bio

This series would improve if they brought in a couple of characters from  Avengers Initiative. 

#8 Posted by Baddamdog (2826 posts) - - Show Bio
@fesak said:
" This series would improve if they brought in a couple of characters from  Avengers Initiative.  "
AGREE! But I still love the series. Anyone remember when Steve Rodgers offered Diamondback a place? I miss her :(
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Why can't we have conflict for the Avengers?  Frankly, I'm sick of the Avengers and New Avengers being praised as the second coming of Christ when they sit around and eat all day!  Secret Avengers is by far the biggest insult to the Avengers.

#10 Posted by aussiebushwacker (80 posts) - - Show Bio

it def doesn't make sense quiksilver there. he's caused so many deaths since and including house of m. he was really cool as a villian. should have kept him as one. there was also far more potential candidates in avengers initative. mvp! cool origin and background, cool suite and had the awesome kia.
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@aussiebushwacker: wel expect for hank nobody knows it was the real pietro

#12 Posted by Vance Astro (89627 posts) - - Show Bio

Why not? They already ruined Initiative when they created the book in the first place.

#13 Posted by Hawkeye446 (3975 posts) - - Show Bio

@Vance Astro said:

Why not? They already ruined Initiative when they created the book in the first place.

Not a fan then? I think Academy has a lot going for it and I really enjoy it. However, I am still yet to read Initiative. Hmm..

#14 Posted by luckydomino1 (495 posts) - - Show Bio

objection book is great but not everybody is going to like it you dont like it well thats ok cause its your opinion so what would make avengers academy better for you

#15 Posted by Hawkeye446 (3975 posts) - - Show Bio

@luckydomino1: They posted this over a year ago questioning a few things, but it has changed a lot since then so who is to say they don't like it again. lol.

I love the book. The most recent issues have been well-crafted, all I want is Jocasta back and I will be a happy man!

#16 Posted by Skaddix (3111 posts) - - Show Bio

I think its good.

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