Avengers Academy? Villians or Heroes

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Avengers Academy #1
I think that Mettle, Veil, and Reptil are more likely to be heroes than Striker, Finesse, and Hazmat.
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@Black_Kn1ght: I used to think so too, but then Veil is suprising me every issue. And Finesse is a black and white character still. So much to delve into.
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I don't think any of them is mature enough to choose the path. Some Avengers started their lves as criminals. It depends on the life they lead - and I don't think teachers in Avengers Academy are doing a good job.
The perfect idea how to find out who is most likely become a hero, and who is  villain-to be - leave six of them in dangerous place, so they had to depend on each other to survive. Then we'll see their strong and weak points, and how their minds work.

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I think they all will be heroes.

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Will this comic be getti8ng a trade paper back?

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