Avengers Academy Officially Cancelled in the wake of Marvel NOW!

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Fears of fan favourite series, Avengers Academy, being cancelled were confirmed today as the final issue's solicitations were revealed today.





• End-of-an-era Series Finale!

• In the aftermath of the grueling “Final Exam”, can friendships, romances – and the Academy itself – survive?

32 PGS./Rated T …$2.99

It is unknown if the series will be relaunched for Marvel NOW!

Rumours of cancellation have been going on for months as Avengers Academy wasn't up there with the big selling titles plus the last arc in the series is called 'Final Exam'. However, Marvel assured fans that cancellation wouldn't happen as sales for the series have always been consistent.

Was the series cancelled because of low sales, or does the title, or even the characters, have bigger things ahead for Marvel NOW! ? Guess we'll see in the next few months.

Are you guys happy? Sad? Do you believe it had naturally run it's course or is now (get it?) the right time for a reboot for these aspiring Avengers?

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Awww. Graduation caps? That's actually a really touching way to handle the cancellation.

Edit: Oh! This makes Pym free for a solo book. Come on crazy Pym!

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@fodigg: IKR!? I thought it was a nice touch. Thought they should of let this series reach #40 though. 39 is such a tease.

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I really enjoy Avengers Academy and it's too bad to see it go. Hopefully there will be some kind of relaunch, maybe we'll see a new Young Avengers title.

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What are they going to do with the characters? Maybe a new Young Avengers series using the remaining characters from the old team. Still not sure what to do with Pym, Tigra, Jocasta, or Quicksilver, but if Red She Hulk can get a series I don't see why Hank Pym can't.

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@EvilAndy: I think there might be, I think that's what the card featuring Loki, Miss America and Wiccan in the Point One cover is alluding to. I'M CALLING IT NOW PEOPLE.

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meh. the story with jeremy was really stupid anyway. seriously marvel quit making ubber baddies out of kids, they are not threatening, intimidating or anything. still havent gotten over hellfire club toddlers. but nice touch with the cover.

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I hope it gets relaunched for Marvel Now.If not then maybe they could join other teams or have solo books.

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I'm really not that surprised, the book seemed to be going nowhere and the sales numbers have been underwhelming pretty much from the start.

The only thing the students might have graduated form in the limited number of issues is possibly going from in-patient to out-patient therapy. Those kids still have a lot of things to deal with.

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I hope it gets relaunched. I liked the book! (But it'd be nice to see a different writer instead of Gage)

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NOOOO why Marvel why? I love these characters new and old where they're at and how they're going.

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Great. Once again teenage heroes don't have a book. New X-Men was cancelled, Avengers : Initiative was cancelled, and let's not even talk about what they did to Runaways. Now they cancel Avengers Academy.

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Damn, this was one of the ones I was considering adding to my pull list

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Thats okay. I thought the series was pretty lackluster anyway.

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It came out a few days ago.

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Marvel is run by idiots, they keep canceling their best books.

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