AVENGERS ACADEMY Interview With Christos Gage

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The Avengers Academy has gone through some tough times. During Dark Reign, Norman Osborn tricked some superpowered teens into joining what they thought would prepare them for someday becoming actual Avengers. Hank Pym later took over with some help from Justice, Tigra, Speedball and Quicksilver and moved the Academy to the Infinite Mansion.

In the wake of FEAR ITSELF, the Infinite Mansion was compromised so the decision was made to move the Academy to the former West Coast Avengers compound. As for what happens next, we asked writer Christos Gage a few questions.

Comic Vine: Why the move to the West Coast?

Christos Gage: It was time to root Avengers Academy more in the physical Marvel Universe. As for why the West Coast Avengers compound specifically, I thought it made sense not to be too close to the other New York based Avengers teams, but to still have strong ties to Avengers history. And from a practical standpoint, it was just sitting there empty! Plus with Hank Pym, Tigra and now Hawkeye, we've got a lot of ex WCA members on board.

== TEASER ==

CV: We will see appearances by other LA based heroes like Moon Knight and the Runaways? West Coast Avengers' enemies?

CG: Runaways, definitely, in #27 and 28. Fans have been asking for that meeting for a long time and it's great to make it happen. Moon Knight, no plans right now, but it could be fun. He's insane!

As for WCA enemies, I wouldn't mind resurrecting Graviton, but I'm not going to stick a bad guy in there just because he or she fought the West Coast Avengers. But I wouldn't reject them for that reason either. How about an old ROM bad guy?

CV: What sort of commitment do the new students need to make. Can characters like X-23 just come and go as they please?

CG: Yes, exactly. Aside from our core cast, most of the students are part timers. Think of it as something like the Learning Annex or UCLA Extension. You can come by once a week to improve your skills at, say, aerial combat, while keeping your normal life and routine. And with the Quinjets, you don't even have to live in L.A. The whole idea was to provide greater potential for the kind of character interactions readers enjoyed in our Prom issue, without diluting the "screen time" given to our main cast.

CV: Will they go out on missions or deal with internal problems as seen with the 'murder' at the end of issue #21.

CG: Both. For the near term, we'll be more campus-focused.

CV: How active will Hawkeye be? Will he still be active on the Avengers teams?

CG: Hawkeye will definitely remain on other Avengers teams. I was thrilled to get him as an Academy teacher, because I've always felt he makes a perfect choice to teach young, at-risk superhumans...after all, he started out as a villain, and spent much of his early career giving Captain America hell and disobeying his orders.

It's perfect karma that now he's the authority figure. That said, given that he has a presence in other books, I'll probably err on the side of giving Clint a bit less face time than, say, Tigra or Quicksilver, who don't appear elsewhere. But his presence will certainly be felt, and he will have a different viewpoint than some of the other teachers. He's less strict about rules and more concerned with results...which is fine, when you're the world's greatest archer, but a little more chancy when you're a walking nuclear meltdown!

Be sure to check out Avengers Academy #22 on sale November 16, 2011.

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Umm ik que: California Girls by Katy Perry but replace girls with Avengers ;D

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A boy & his sentinel is there any truer love?

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I wonder if that sentinel kid and the x-men will cross paths

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This is a fantastic series. If you want to start reading it, START AT 21! You won't regret it!

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@TheCheeseStabber: Um, but they're not mutants besides Hallow/Penance and X-23.

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@Mutant God said:
I wonder if that sentinel kid and the x-men will cross paths
Looking forward to see X-23 shredding this Sentinel.
#7 Posted by Mutant God (3048 posts) - - Show Bio
@Cafeterialoca said:

@TheCheeseStabber: Um, but they're not mutants besides Hallow/Penance and X-23.

and maybe wiz kid
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Great stuff! Love the Sentinel.

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@Cafeterialoca: @Mutant God: oopsy typo 1 sec edit

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I started reading at twenty one ant it was a worthy investment, this is a great series

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@TheCheeseStabber: No problem.

OH! You know what's AWESOME? Remember that pamphlet in the back of Wolverine and the X-Men that mentions the Football game against Avengers Academy? Christos Gage says they're gonna do it and that all the editors and writers are on board!

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@Cafeterialoca: a quite literal SUPER bowl

#13 Posted by Cafeterialoca (1504 posts) - - Show Bio

@TheCheeseStabber: Screw next year's event, THIS IS BIGGER!

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wicked to be honest i want Hercules as a trainer i mean he trained the current thunderstrikes dad and besides thinking it would be interesting for him to teach new heroes i mean he is the hero with the most experience, since thor is dead and Hercules was great as an avenger.

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Awesome series!

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Hazmat just needs to become real and be with me. Amazing series. I've loved it since issue #1 and I love it now.

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I am very exited to see the Runaways theys are one of my favorite teams and they have such a unique story. Avengers Academy keeps on getting better and better with all the new superheroes they have been bringing aboard.

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More West Coast stories! Cool... I can see Avengers Academy more involved with Cyclops' X-Men.

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And X-23 is considered to be on Wolverine's side, who based himself on the east coast to get away from Cyclops' west coast shenanigans, so she joins a new West coast team even though her book up until this point has been pretty east coast to the best of my knowledge. She really is becoming the new Wolverine.

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uh ok i still dont really get how Thor is dead since he's a god and gods are generally immortal but on top of that if i remember correct its that when norse gods are vanquished in battle they simply return to Vahalla to go back to the battle Wel actually that would make a great revival story for his charcter but anyway looks great

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@Tellumo: lol

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Looks like a fun and good initiative^^

I miss Antman's Mighty Avengers, but this book has taken its slot in my eyes :P

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@redbird3rdboywonder: Um...what does that have to do with anything?

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i picked up 21 and the first six issues really good thanks for gettin me in dude Cafeterialoca

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@luckydomino1: You're welcome! It is one of my favorite series right now. Tell your friends about it too!

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" Runaways, definitely, in #27 and 28. Fans have been asking for that meeting for a long time and it's great to make it happen." Hooray!

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