Avengers Academy.... a new title for 2010? (Did you know?)

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  A Latin American internet page posted this a while back:

"Luego del final de Dark Reign los jóvenes superheróes del universo Marvel tendrán la interesante oportunidad de unirse a una escuela que los ayudará a pulir sus talentos y prepararse para asumir el manto de sus predecesores cuando llegue el momento.

Se trata de Avengers Academy, un nuevo título Marvel 2010 que será escrito por Christos Gage y dibujado por Mike McKone. Tanto Gage como McKone son profesionales de primer nivel, y a pesar de que no siempre han recibido los proyectos que se merecen esta podría ser su oportunidad de brillar como nunca antes.

Personalmente creo que este título tendrá un tono similar a Young Avengers y The Initiative solo que con un poco más de intervención de los Vengadores originales. Al mismo tiempo es importante notar que Marvel ha encontrado un filón de ventas con X-Men First Class y todo parece apuntar a que extenderá el fenómeno de la escuela de heróes a los Vengadores.

Avengers Academy sale a la venta en el 2010."

This is what it says in English:

"After the end of Dark Reign the young superheroes from the Marvel Universe will have the intresting oportunity to enroll into a school tht will help them polish their talents and prepare themselves to take over the mantle of their predecessors when the moment comes.

This is about the Avengers Academy, a new title on Marvel 2010 by Christos Gage and Mike McKone. Both Gage and McKone are professionals top level, and even though they don't always recieve the projects they deserve, this could be their chance to shine like never before.

Personally I think this title will have a very similar tone to Young Avengers and The Initiative except with a little more intervention of the original Avengers. At the same time its important to note that marvel has found a long line of sales with X-Men: First Class and it all point to the fact that this phenomenon of the school of super heroes of the Avengers.

Avengers Academy will be sold on 2010."

Did anybody knew about this?
What can you explain about this?
What do you think?

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Can't say ive heard of this but i must say my first reaction is a little 'meh' Could come around to it eventualy though

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Sounds cool, are you sure this is solid info?

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I've heard of it, I believe in Marvel.com
Don't see why not just rename the Initiative. Oh that's right, #1 sell well

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Maybe its being created to try to beat X-Men Sales?

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Any chance that they'll delve into the Visions Young Avengers files that brought the Young Avengers together in the first place? Kang looked for enough to start a team but why wouldn't they eventually try to find the others he'd found?

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