Avengers Academy

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Are the cancelling this book? or making an amalgamation with WatX? Either way, that is truly disappointing

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Source? O_o

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@Mercy_@Dman1366: I forget where it was stated but they said Avengers Academy will be coming back. In fact the first book coming back during Marvel Now will be a football match between Avengers Academy and Jean Greys school. I'm looking for the article I read now.
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Oh thank goodness I was a little worried when Hank and Tigra shut it down...

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@Dernman: that sounds too good to be true! now i am pumped

@Blood1991: me too

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Here is the article it says  

A couple of books that don't appear to being going anywhere for the time being are Avengers Academy  — which returns from its "Final Exam" story with a flag football game between Avengers Academy and the Jean Grey School — and Wolverine and the X-Men , said in its October solicitation to be starting its second year.

After that who knows.
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@Dernman: I like the sound of that!

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Please don't cancel it,It could go places.

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