matkrenz's Avengers Academy #5 - Fame review

Hazmat you are sinking and Cage is not throwing you a lifeguard.

This is the 5th issue of Avengers Academy and I will explain the title in the good section. 
The Story:We start the issue with Striker getting something to eat but gets scared by Jocasta but because of her relationship with Ultron,as in being married and every night they talk to each other she doesn't respond.So Striker tells her about the last and we are taken to monday were they are being taught by Steve Rogers about proper hand to hand combat and Hazmat is whinning.After training Stiker asks him when they will be revealed to the world but when Steve says that they are going to wait until they are properly trained he wont announce anything.And while Steve comments he never saw someone wanting to be an Avenger to be famous.Then we go into much further flashbacks and we learn that Brandon's (Striker's real name) mom had an affair with a politician to launch her career but when her 15 minutes were up she decided to have Brandon be famous instead by marrying a rich guy named Rick.The first time Brandons powers manifested we learned that Rick was taking him to an audition for a movie but stopped along the way and tried to molest him but he electrocuted the crap out of the limo.After he tried out for the New Warriors reality show but coundn't get in and also the Thunderbolts show since he was to young but Osbourn took him in and gave him everything and didn't even torture him to augmente his powers.On wensday he tried to hit on Finesse but he miserable failed since she has better things to do and said he would be a terrible liar and also tries it on Veil but also fails.After a trip to Manhattan where they were attacked by Whirlwind and they work as a team to deafet him.Back at the mansion Striker convinces Pym that if they want to control the situation over the media they have to reveal themselves now wich they do.Also Veil learns about Justices relationship with Ultragirl (if somebody knows if this relatioship existed before this issue pleasse tell me).In Brandon's room Veil shows up and decide's to hook up with him.And back to the present Brandons gets a call from his mom and we learn that she was the one that sent Whirlwind so Brandon got what he wanted at the end.And at the end of this issue we have a close up on Jocasta's eyes. 
The Good:I like Striker more than Hazmat.This shows that Christios Cage is able to write the douchbag archtype and make him somewhat likeable.This issue shows why Striker wants to be famous since this was basically how he was raised wich in my opinion makes him more likeable.I also loved the conversation between Steve and Striker and how us teenagers have a different perception of privacy. And the art is pretty good and I wish Jorge Molina would stay. 
The Bad:Sometimes the art was iffy depending on the character like on Mettle and it's a bit too cartoony.Also Cage is trying to hard to reference things like we teenagers,since he mentions some movies and tv shows and 4chan.Yes you read it right 4chan.If it wasn't for the fact that 4chan holds a bunch of viruses and i can't go on but I would want to go there to see how there talking about it on there forums. 
The Verdict:This was a great issue and I really want to see how his character is going to develop.Also the Veil/Justice one-sided love ended this issue but I would have liked it to continue some more since it could have really matured Veil but having her hooking up with Striker might do the same thing.So this series is really building up really well to the future.This is a buy.

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