matkrenz's Avengers Academy #4 - Scared Straight, Pt 2: Fix You review

Wait my favorite character is a surfer dude ?

The 4th issue of Avengers Academy. 

The Story:

We start in Hawaii were Ken (Mettle's real name) lived and he discovers his unique ability when he was hit by a surf board in the head and it toar some of his skin of,showing the red metal under it.When he was taken to Osbourn he decided to take off all his skin to show off the metal and saying that he fixed him.Back in the prison Mettle rips off the Osbourns cell and says he made them magnificent and also says that Oym problably knows how to fix them but wont since he wants leverage over them and that in time he will fix them.Pym and Quicksilver goes to his cell but all they find his Norman saying that he will get out of prison.While walking Mettle,Veil and Hazmat are attacked by Powderkeg and when they fall trough the floor they meet Juggernaut and Mettle starts wailling on him saying that he enjoyed doing that.After seeing their instructors beating the crap out of the other prisonners they leave but not without getting yelled at by Luc.But Mettle decides to lie about knowing what caused the blackout because he wants to meet Osbourn again. 

The Good:

This is my favorite issue since we see Mettle's backstory and we see that he is clinging to his last day were he was still normal.Also i have to say that Norman Osbourn was hilarious in this issue,i mean when he says that the kids were lacking in the Punishers killing instinct and that it was Pym that beat it out of them was simply priceless.I also liked when Luc was naming the list of things that Osbourn did to him when Hazmat said that they wanted to take revenge on Osbourn.Also the art was good and less dark finaly. 

The Bad:

Hazmat is still an annoying girl and i really wish Chris Cage will make her into a villain. 

The Verdict:

This book is improving and all the characters are being fleshed out very nicely.This may not be the next Runuways but it is still a fine read and it is a definite buy.
Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon

cool  ill have to check this out

Posted by Cafeterialoca

Now let's all hope that Mettle DOESN'T turn evil.
Who's with me?!

Posted by Dr. Detfink

Good review but not worth wasting your talent on this book. This title is getting repetitive. It also has more issues than an episode of Stargate universe.
Lastly, this is nitpicking but it's "Osborn" as it has been since the character was invented.

Posted by The_Warlord
@Violet-Eyed Dragon said:
" cool  ill have to check this out "
Me 2
Posted by Black_Kn1ght

Mettle's awesome

Posted by Black_Kn1ght

I loved this issue.

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