pspin's Avengers Academy #38 - Crosstown Rivals review

Avengers Academy #38 Review

Avengers Academy #38 Review


The football game between Avengers Academy and the X-kids… devolves… quickly

The Good:

The story in the issue is great. It is a blend of humor and story that is almost exactly like Jason Aaron’s Wolverine and the X-Men but still has enough differences to be its own and not a copycat. The issue really shows the friendship between the two staffs of the Jean Grey School and Academy and they provide much of the humor in the issue. The students provide more of the drama but it is still accomplished in a funny way like Rockslide telling Mettle not to complain about girls when he still has junk and Rockslide doesn’t. There is also an exchange between X-23 and Finesse that has major implications but since this is the penultimate issue, it will have zero impact because it is highly unlikely that it will be addressed in Avengers Arena (which seems like a spiritual successor).

Christos Gage is at the top of his game with the writing on this issue. While he is always good, this is great; that is because here he adds more dialogue than just the main conversation, he adds background speech like when there is a conversation, a fight breaks out, and Jocasta, who is in the background says “Charging tazer.” Little things like that, along with many humorous one liners, give the book depth and it is a major plus. The other great thing about the writing is that so much of the characters past is directly mentioned that it gives a great sense of continuity. Things like AvX, Marjorie Liu’s X-23 run, Gambit and Frenzy’s relationship, Quicksilver’s past with the Inhumans, and Kitty Pryde’s phasing problems are all major events that are addressed and give the issue a lot of continuity with in the Marvel Universe and it is good to see.

The art by Tom Grummett is once again a perfect fit for the series, particularly the lighthearted nature of this issue. Post-tazer Warbird looks hilarious.

The Bad:

Nothing major.


This issue is one of the best in the series; there is humor, drama, friendship, and everything in between and never becomes overcrowded. The writing is excellent and really shows off Gage’s talent for using such a large cast and making them seem natural. When that is combine with great art by Grummett, you get an issue that is a fun read for anyone, fan of the series or not.

5 out of 5

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